Norwalk, CT – September 19, 2011 – Applied Thinking announced today that it will be adding forecasting and simulation capabilities to Brandscape, a behavioral model that defines the nature of competitive interaction within a product category.

Until now, Brandscape has been used to provide an in-depth description of market structure. The definition of competitive brand sets along with their associated marketing activity profiles allowed managers to identify potential opportunities and threats to their businesses.

Using a combination of forecasting and scenario simulation capabilities, managers will now be able to quantify the volume impact of the evolving competitive landscape. John Manuli, President of Applied Thinking, explains: “In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, the ability to anticipate shifts in demand is essential to the development of marketing strategy. With this enhancement to Brandscape, market structure is no longer a static view that quickly becomes outdated.”

Brandscape forecasting and simulations will be offered as an add-on to the existing service. Pricing for this offering will be based on the complexity of the quantitative models and the category size.

Applied Thinking LLC ( is a boutique consulting firm that employs systems thinking, advanced quantitative methods, and analytical tools to facilitate early-stage assessment of marketing plans. Applied Thinking helps companies build innovative demand strategies by simulating and estimating the impact of alternatives prior to costly in-market execution.


John Manuli
Applied Thinking LLC
Norwalk, CT USA
Press Release
Brandscape Enhanced To Provide Simulation of Emerging Market Structure
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