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Learn how demand model innovation can be applied to your business.
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Demand Model Innovation
In a business environment characterized by discontinuous change, driving demand is more than optimizing last year's marketing plan.
Since the marketplace constantly evolves, a demand model needs to keep pace. "More of the same" thinking will consistently lead to plans that fall short of goal. Only by anticipating change and developing new ways to build consumer demand can a company hope to maintain a dominant position.

In short, without innovative approaches to demand creation, companies and their products quickly become outdated and irrelevant.
The typical marketplace represents a complex network of interactive forces. Applied Thinking uses a blend of design thinking and advanced quantitative analytics to explain the demand ecosystem.
At Applied Thinking, we help marketing teams identify developing trends in consumer demand ... and build innovative strategies that capture emerging opportunities. Our answers address today's questions from tomorrow's perspective.
What is a demand model?
A demand model is a conceptual representation of the forces that influence demand ... forces that are internal and external to the company. Marketing tactics, the retail environment, economic conditions, and consumer habits interact in complex ways to impact sales.

Every marketing manager is guided by a model of buying behavior ... however, in most cases the model is unstated and incomplete. When assumptions about the marketplace are openly acknowledged, they can tested, validated, and improved.

At Applied Thinking, we make implicit demand models explicit in order to remove blindspots and improve marketing decisions.

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