Too often, marketing analysis focuses solely on understanding the workings of the marketplace as it currently exists. Unfortunately, most brands compete in a volatile setting. While the present provides a reasonable starting point for planning, potential changes in the environment need to be anticipated and incorporated into strategic thinking.

At Applied Thinking, we help managers prepare for the future. We provide strategic foresight capabilities suited to the level of uncertainty in the marketplace. Our solutions enable managers to examine emerging trends and project their course over time. By assessing the evolving marketplace during the early stages of strategy development, the cost and risk of failure are reduced.

Let us show you how learning from the future can lead to improved marketing actions.
360 Forecasting
Predict trends in demand using a range of statistical methods. Incorporate probablilistic thinking to account for uncertainty.
Peripheral Vision
Examine adjacent businesses to identfy leading indicators for your own brands. Consider ripple effects. Learn by analogy.
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Find out how foresight tools can be assembled into integrated business solutions.