In a dynamic business environment, the ability to evaluate and implement a range of strategic options quickly is a major source of competitive advantage. And, since the marketplace often changes unpredictably, understanding the potential risks and rewards associated with possible alternatives is essential.

Applied Thinking's rapid strategy prototyping tools are core to the demand model innovation process. With real-time simulation, learning is enhanced when strategic questions are addressed quickly, in an iterative manner. Active interaction with information in a safe, laboratory setting also encourages managers to explore unorthodox options rather than restrict potential solutions to "more of the same" thinking.

Our simulation capabilities provide more than a "blue sky" perspective on the future. We blend empirical facts with management assumptions to yield quantitative sales estimates. In this way, the the plausability and feasibility of alternative plans can be assessed and compared using a common criterion.

Find out how rapid prototyping can increase strategic agility and accelerate the development of successful marketing plans.
Blend scenario thinking and quantitative estimation to test strategic options within an emerging marketplace.
Dynamic Planning
Set brand portfolio strategy. Project the evolution of the product line. Assess pre-emptive course correction.
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Find out how prototyping tools can be assembled into integrated business solutions.


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