Norwalk, CT – April 22, 2013 – Applied Thinking announced today a significant development in its Thinkcast strategic thinking tool.

Strategy simulation is now enhanced through the availability of an application that allows for testing innovative demand models in real time. With a flexible configuration tool, managers are able to change their assumptions about marketplace dynamics, generating results quickly. The ability to test hypotheses in an interactive and iterative manner facilitates learning and reduces the time required to explore viable strategic alternatives.

Based on a blend of forecasting and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities, managers will now be able to quantify the volume impact of their proposed marketing actions within the context of an evolving environment. Beyond sales estimates, the simulation tool will also identify sources of potential business opportunity and risk. John Manuli, President of Applied Thinking, explains: “The ability to prototype strategies through simulation increases the likelihood of in-market success. By testing a range of options, managers can prepare Plan B quickly should the marketplace take an unexpected turn.”

The Thinkcast prototyping tool will be offered initially as part of a strategy workshop. As clients gain experience, its use as software will be made available. Pricing for this offering will be based on the project scope, complexity of the scenario planning exercise, and the mode of delivery.

Applied Thinking LLC ( is a boutique consulting firm that employs systems thinking, advanced quantitative methods, and analytical tools to facilitate early-stage assessment of marketing plans. Applied Thinking helps companies build innovative demand strategies by simulating and estimating the impact of alternatives prior to costly in-market execution.


John Manuli
Applied Thinking LLC
Norwalk, CT USA
Press Release
Probabiity-Based Simulation Application Available for Strategy Protoyping

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