At Applied Thinking, we believe that successful demand strategies must reflect more than an understanding of what has worked historically. Learning must keep pace with an evolving marketplace. Principles derived in the past must be updated. Unfortunately, traditional analytics fall short and often provide a report card, at best.

Our future-oriented approach to strategy development employs a set of tools that can be configured flexibly to yield holistic answers. And because the future is uncertain, we often blur the lines between quantitative and qualitative methods to clarify our thinking about uncertainty. Only in this way can we begin to develop a valid picture of the future for which "hard metrics" are limited or unavailable.

Find out more about out tools and how that can provide forward-looking answers to your demand strategy questions.
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Develop and test strategies and plans in a laboratory setting.
Reduce risk by testing options prior to implementation.
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Implement processes and technology that support development of innovative demand strategies.
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