problems solved

emerging business opportunities ...

scan the periphery for growth signals
learn from related product categories
identify changes in consumer behavior

new businesses ...

develop product development processes
identify high potential innovations
improve forecasting capabilities
establish new product control systems

categories ...

explore new sources of brand differentiation
exploit emerging gaps in the marketplace
redefine the competitive set

operating efficiencies ...

improve return from the marketing budget
allocate funds across communication tactics
set pricing for increased profitability
manage trade and consumer promotion spending
refine tactical execution by channel

strategic thinking competencies ...

establish explicit decision processes
extract additional learning from existing research
align data, technology, and organizational structure
At Applied Thinking, we take a "whole brain" approach to solving problems.
Peripheral Vision
360 Forecasting
Thinking Franeworks
Analytic Systems Audit
Market Response Analysis
Marketing Mix Simulation
Test & Learn
Peripheral Vision
360 Forecasting
Dynamic Planning Matrix
Test & Learn
Thinking Frameworks
Sample Tools
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